The Quiet Mind Brings Happiness

I recommend the cultivation of equanimity and some degree of inner calm and silence in the midst of life. These will greatly turn down the volume of our emotional reactivity, most of which is negative. These will transform the positive emotions into calmer and subtler versions of themselves. The calmer and subtler feelings are the more deeply they penetrate, and will therefore have greater power to endure and transform our lives. Think of these subtler mind states as waves. The waves on the ocean that are of low amplitude are very long. The example of the longest ocean wave is the tsunami that can be of very small height, but is so long that when it reaches the shore, it overwhelms the coast because it keeps on coming. In the same way, a few moments of deep beauty experienced in calm and inner silence, say for example watching a sunrise, or in meditation, can continue to echo in your heart all day long. Such moments can be recollected and cause our inner beings to ring with deep well being. On the other hand, if you try recollecting a more raucous moment of happiness, the afterglow is weaker and brief. The calm, equanimous and silent mind has a kind of superpower; it can absorb and integrate within itself vast amounts of beauty and meaning. It is also from these depths that our deepest and truest sense of purpose will shine forth.