The Innermost and the Outermost

These two things are necessary if our spiritual journey is to be rightly guided, and not lost in the desert of our egoity. These two things, like the poles of a battery, allow the currents of grace to flow through our lives: The innermost consecration of our of hearts, and holding dearly a transcendent paradigm of sacred truth. Naturally this paradigm is articulated in many different ways, and will likely change over the course of our journey, but any spiritual tradition that has been able to produce saints or sages, will require these two things of us.

Obviously, these two dimensions are dependent on each other. We cannot consecrate our innermost hearts to the Good, the Beautiful and True, unless we have some faith in the Good, the Beautiful and True as an unchanging reality. Relativistic views of truth or goodness do not have the power to call forth from our hearts any durable or transformationally potent qualities of faithfulness and self-sacrifice. And no faith in this transcendent Reality will be stable in our lives if it is not deeply anchored into the intimacy of our beings.

The search for our innermost reality is the work of wisdom bowing down within our within-ness, seeking the very core of its own reality, the door of emptiness at the root of the heart. The search for the outermost is the work of the heart, opening itself to others, life and the beauty of creation, waiting in hope for the moment when it will be forever broken open. In the end, the inmost and outmost event horizons of our subjectivity turn out to be one and the same, center everywhere, circumference nowhere. We are shot through by light we cannot see or grasp, and the current that flows through all contact is love.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” Rumi

This infinitely precious truth asks us to receive it by faith. How else could it be? Although It has tried in so many ways over so many centuries to speak to us: through teachers and prophets, through dreams and intuitions, through the lives of the saints and sages, through miracles and testimonies of miracles, but most of all through all those moments of grace and beauty we all experience in our lives. The Transcendent cannot be demonstrated by the imminent, but being endlessly faithful to us, continues in our day, as in days of of old, to touch us through the imminent, and it waits for us to say β€œyes.”